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Your Rights on World Bicycle Day

The bicycle was invented in 1817. For over 200 years, people have used this beloved mechanical conveyance for fun, exercise, and commuting. But when the motor vehicle arrived, sharing the road became dangerous. Modern bicycle lanes were built in the 1970s, but bicycle accidents continue. Almost 800 bicyclists died in accidents with motor vehicles in 2017.

If you’re a bicyclist, we want you to celebrate World Bicycle Day knowing how to protect your rights on the road.

The Bicycle Accident Checklist

The Sam & Ash team are experienced bicycle accident professionals. We understand how accidents can leave you feeling disoriented. That’s why our Bicycle Accident Checklist is simple and easy to remember:

  1. Call the police. A police report will provide a professional record of the details of the accident. Additionally, the police will likely cite the at-fault driver, which helps your case.
  2. Collect information. Get the driver’s contact and insurance information, information for any witnesses, and take photos of property damage and of your injuries.
  3. Go to the hospital. Even if your injuries are minor, an immediate medical examination may prevent them from becoming long-term health problems.
  4. Call Sam & Ash. Because we will do what’s right for you.

Personal Injury Professionals You Deserve

Sam & Ash is the personal injury law firm that will make pursuing your claim for compensation easier. We don’t just fight for your settlement check, we help you through the process. That means:

After an accident, you deserve answers. We are available 24/7 to give them at 702-820-1234.

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