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What to Expect from a Consultation with a Lawyer

An accident gives you an unfortunate story to tell. It probably started as a normal day until someoneโ€™s carelessness turned it into a bad day. Now youโ€™re hurt and deserve a plan that helps you fully recover. If you decide to have a consultation with a lawyer on your case, you might get whatโ€™s right in the end.

Thatโ€™s how we help at Sam & Ash. When you call us for a free consultation, you provide the pieces we use to develop a successful recovery. This article will tell you the most useful information you can share with us during that meeting.

When the Accident Happened

The date of the accident is a good fact to start your consultation with us. First, it has legal significance, because that is when the Statute of Limitations begins. The Statute of Limitations says when you can bring a claim for a personal injury. In Nevada, that window of time is two years from the date of the accident.

Second, a lawyer will want to know if there is a treatment gap in your case. Letโ€™s say your accident was 6 months ago and you have not treated. A lawyer can explain the difficulties that may arise from a long treatment gap and whether it can be bridged with immediate treatment.

How to Describe the Accident

Use your own voice to tell us how the accident happened. We may end up representing you, so we want you to describe the events exactly as you lived them. Here are some tips to help us step into your shoes:

Your Evidence

A personal injury lawyer works with evidence from the accident. At Sam & Ash, we have resources that enable us to investigate and acquire evidence that supports your claim. But the best evidence is fresh from the accident. That means you can be our greatest resource. Typical evidence from an accident includes:

If you have any of the above to help your case, have it ready to share with us.

Your Treatment Plan

Your treatment is very important information for a consultation. First, it helps us to estimate what you can expect from your settlement. An accident is stressful and you deserve answers about how your pain and suffering is compensated.

Second, your treatment history tells us how we can help moving forward. Effective case management customizes treatment for accident victims. Whether you are seeing doctors in your insurance network or doctors we refer you to, Sam & Ash will help you plan your next steps.

During your consultation with a lawyer, inform us about:

Your Losses From the Accident

The right compensation is not the same for every accident victim because everyoneโ€™s life is unique. We will likely start by talking about your medical bills. However, your settlement may compensate more and equally important damages.

Tell us about your work, your regular schedule, and how you are paid. We want to know if you had to cancel a trip you planned. Any activities you enjoyed, but can no longer experience, should be accounted for as losses attributed to the accident.

Getting a Lawyer After Your Consultation

You described your accident, your treatment, and your losses. This brings us to the present. This is where Sam & Ash can begin to help.

One thing you donโ€™t have to worry about is how you will pay for great representation. Your lawyers at Sam & Ash work on a contingency fee basis. It ensures you get legal assistance at no cost up front. It also aligns our goals to get you the highest settlement possible.

We made signing up easy with several options. First, we can email you for your electronic signature. Alternatively, one of our investigators can meet you to review our documents. And of course, you are welcome to visit our office and sit down with one of our lawyers.

What Your Case Will Look Like

Every personal injury case is different so you cannot guarantee what comes next. But you can expect your lawyer at Sam & Ash to be with you through every step of your case. Call now to start your consultation with a lawyer at 702-820-1234. It will be the first step to help make you whole again.

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