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Traffic Dangers with Street Protests

Being a good driver means staying focused on the road. When you avoid distractions, you avoid accidents. However, we often only expect whatโ€™s usual on the road. Flashy billboards, bright lights, animal crossings, and even accidents are disruptions we know how to handle.

Driving through a street protest is less predictable โ€“ and that can make it dangerous. You deserve to know what to expect, so you can stay focused and keep everyone safe.

Whatโ€™s Happening on the Streets

The homicide of George Floyd by a Minneapolis police officer sparked nationwide protests in public squares. Raised protest signs and amplified chanting have emanated from sidewalks. Violent confrontations with police and looting of storefronts have spilled out on the streets.

Many protests have stopped traffic on major roads and freeways. Cars were vandalized with passengers inside on the 101 Highway in San Jose, California. A truck driver was arrested after speeding through a demonstration on Interstate 35 in Minneapolis. Police fired tear gas to disperse protestors on Orlandoโ€™s State Road 408. These are not events you see on your everyday commute, but they can cause life-changing accidents.

What to Expect to Stay Safe

If you are engaging in any essential travel, this is a time to be more aware of whatโ€™s in front of you than before. Please keep these tips in mind as you plan ahead:

We Are Here for Nevada

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