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The 100 Deadliest Days on the Road After Quarantine

Summer has a different name on our roads: β€œThe 100 Deadliest Days.” Traffic fatalities historically rise from Memorial Day to Labor Day. But can we expect the same this year when Covid-19 continues to affect travel?

Why These Are The 100 Deadliest Days

Many factors make this season uniquely dangerous on the road:

Last summer Nevada’s roads were relatively safer. Fatal accidents in June 2019 were half as many as those from June 2018. Nevada experienced four consecutive months of decline in traffic fatalities from May to August 2019. Are drivers likely to continue this trend this summer?

Accidents During Quarantine

Recent data indicates reckless driving in Nevada has increased during quarantine:

There’s pent-up demand to visit Nevada and cars are safer than planes when it comes to Covid-19. Will more drivers emerging from quarantine be as reckless?

Sam & Ash Will Be Ready

People are on their cell phones more than ever during the shutdown. They have not used freeways for longer trips in a while. Bad habits and rusty driving from quarantine can make these 100 days even more dangerous than usual.

Sam & Ash will stay prepared. More than ever, you deserve a summer free from pain. Should you experience an accident, we’ll make your personal injury claim easier. Call us immediately after an accident at 702-820-1234.

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