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Car Damage After an Accident

You deserve fast results. That means you want your car damage after an accident fixed quickly. Feeling stranded is especially harmful when you should be focused on treating your injuries. We understand that at Sam & Ash, which is why we will help you get your car repaired. Follow these tips to build a strong claim and call us so we can get what you deserve.

Document the Car Damage

Accident photographs build a strong claim for compensation. Photograph all damaged parts, including close ups and at different angles. Your insurance company will likely ask for these to start your claim, so have them ready.

Additionally, it helps you to have photographs for your own record to compare with the insurance company’s future estimate. It will help keep them honest and ensure all damage is accounted for.

Move Your Car

One of your first decisions following the accident will be to where you move your car. That mostly depends on whether the car is safe and operable to take home. However, if it is not, tow the car to a body shop. You can get a referral to a shop when you call your insurance company to submit a claim.

Submit a Claim

Call your insurance company to submit a claim. To speed up the call with your claims adjuster, have all information from the accident on hand. Keep these points in mind:

Get an Inspection and Estimate

You can really get the ball rolling on your car repairs if you schedule an inspection soon. The insurance company will send an inspector to estimate the value of the damage to your car. Once an inspection produces an estimate, your claims adjuster will have more answers for you, like whether the car is a total loss or how much your deducible will be.

Choose Who Pays First

You now have more choices. Who will initially pay for the repairs? If you choose to use your collision coverage, you will likely pay a deductible. However, your insurance company will later recover that payment from the at-fault driver’s insurance company.

Alternatively, if you choose the at-fault driver to directly pay for repairs, you may have to wait longer. Their insurance company will only pay if it accepts liability.

Doing What’s Right for Your Car Damage

What happens if the at-fault driver’s insurance company denies fault? Or you disagree with the estimate? Call Sam & Ash. We work for you, so we care about what’s important to you. We get answers and make the insurance company pay what you deserve. If the insurance company stopped returning your calls, we will talk to them. Call us for a free consultation at 702-820-1234 and ask how we can help you get what’s right.

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