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Are Labor Day DUI Accidents Still a Risk?

We can expect Labor Day travel and activity in Las Vegas to look different this year. Many people will probably celebrate in their homes with smaller gatherings. Does that mean safer roads for the holiday weekend? Unfortunately, there is good reason to expect more drunk driving accidents than the average weekend.

The Covid-19 pandemic reduced traffic, but it hasnโ€™t lowered DUIs in Las Vegas because people are still going out to drink. Retail alcohol sales have skyrocketed, partly due to private parties. According to the Nevada DUI Strike Force, “People are still choosing to go from friend’s house to friend’s house, and that has been a large portion of the DUIs that we have seen.”

Labor Day concludes the so-called โ€œ100 Deadliest Days on the Road.โ€ As with any holiday, please be especially cautious if you need to get behind the wheel. Sam & Ash is committed to helping reduce car accidents by raising awareness of information you deserve to know.

Las Vegas DUI Statistics Are Concerning

One of the unfortunate problems about driving in Las Vegas is the high volume of drunk drivers on our roads:

Can Labor Day this year be as deadly while many in Las Vegas are choosing to stay home? A discouraging indicator is the increase in DUI arrests and accidents during the pandemic. In the spring of 2019, the Nevada Department of Public Safety recorded 75 DUI arrests. During the same time this year, DUI arrests shot up to 133. Tragically, traffic fatalities are also up from last year.

Itโ€™s difficult to predict how this weekend will go, but you can prepare yourself if you are involved in an accident with a drunk driver.

What Should You Do If You Are Involved in a Labor Day DUI Accident?

Are DUI Insurance Claims Easier to Recover?

Nevada law requires you to prove the other driver was at fault for an accident to compensate for injuries and property damage. Driving under the influence is not just negligent โ€” itโ€™s a criminal act. Therefore, a DUI arrest of the other driver is likely irrefutable evidence of fault. That means the driverโ€™s insurance company could accept liability fairly quickly.

Unfortunately, even when the other driver’s insurance company accepts liability, you cannot expect them to pay whatโ€™s right after a DUI accident. A common problem for victims of drunk drivers is prematurely accepting the insurance companyโ€™s settlement. Your recovery may require long term treatment, which can be expensive. Accepting a lowball offer puts you on the hook for future care. With the assistance of a personal injury lawyer, your claim can be professionally managed so your compensation is complete.

Sam & Ash Stand Ready for Your Call This Weekend

Some fights with the insurance company are not about proving liability, they are about receiving fair compensation. A drunk driver may have carelessly risked your life on the road, but an insurance company will intentionally leave you needing more. You deserve someone looking out for your interests; you deserve a lawyer from Sam & Ash.

Sam & Ash makes getting help after your accident easy. We answer your call at any time and we charge no fee upfront. No obligations, no fine print, just answers now. We will be ready to help over the holiday weekend, so donโ€™t wait to call us at 702-802-1234. You deserve whatโ€™s right.

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