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Bicycle v. Bicycle Accident

Southern Nevada is a wonderful place to be a bicyclist. First, thereโ€™s plenty of territory to explore. Clark County offers 28 different trails that sprawl 176 miles. Second, the bicyclist community organizes a couple of fun races; the Tour de Summerlin is a 20-year tradition and Las Vegas hosts the Honor Ride. However, with many bicyclists on trails and roads comes the possibility of a bicycle-on-bicycle accident. If you are injured and your property is damaged, pursuing compensation is whatโ€™s right. Many believe the accident claim will be similar to a bicycle accident with a car. But there are important differences you should know.

What to Do After a Bicycle-on-Bicycle Accident

A bicycle-on-bicycle claim begins the same as a car accident claim. Documenting the accident and getting medical treatment are similar for both kinds of accidents. Sam & Ash recommends you:

Whatโ€™s Different about a Bicycle-on-Bicycle Accident?

The first difference is where you pursue compensation. Generally after an accident, insurance compensates for any losses. Car insurance is a legal requirement to drive in Nevada. So if a driver hits a bicyclist, the driverโ€™s car insurance will most likely pay for damages.

However, car insurance does not compensate for bicycle-on-bicycle claims, because a car was not involved in the accident. Furthermore, Nevada law does not require bicyclists to carry liability insurance to ride a bicycle. Bicycle liability insurance is only optional, so it might not be available for your claim.

The hardworking bicycle accident lawyers at Sam & Ash explore all options for compensation. When our clients are injured in a bicycle-on-bicycle accident, we investigate potential resources like:

Second, handling repairs is different. Donโ€™t repair your bicycle immediately. Insurance companies generally insist on inspecting the damaged bicycle for themselves. This is because the damage will help indicate who was at fault. We advise many clients to retain a bicycle accident reconstruction expert for our own liability determination, too.

Negligent Bicycling

Proving liability in an accident with a car is usually easy, because of the carโ€™s larger size and the ability of a driver to better avoid the accident. But most personal injury claims against another bicyclist do not present an immediate case for fault.

When our clients are injured by another bicyclist, we commonly see the following indications of negligence:

Property Losses You Can Claim

As personal injury professionals, we are dedicated to ensuring your physical well-being improves after an accident. We work to have that fully compensated. But we believe our clients deserve to recover their lost property, too. We seek compensation for property losses that may include:

Personal Injury Lawyers You Can Trust

Sam & Ash is the law firm dedicated to improving the lives of persons injured in any accident. Not all cases need a lawyerโ€™s help, but after any accident you should get an experienced attorney’s advice. We are available 24/7 to offer our opinion, and if necessary, a plan to compensate for your losses. Call for your consultation at 702-820-1234, because you deserve whatโ€™s right.

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